About Fergus

Fergus is curious. He wants to know who you are, why you’re here and how you got here, amongst a whole host of other things he doesn’t know.

He does know some things though. He has an intimate understanding of material, construction and craft, both digital and physical. He prides himself on an ability to prototype in a range of mediums from carpentry and clay to arduino, figma and comfyui. He's an artist and technologist trying to figure out the best way to co-create with the machines. He’s seen the potential for emerging technology to bring people together, and is on a mission to design interactions that prioritise that togetherness.
He's also into a strange range of hobbies including dancing brazilian zouk, surfing, skating, rock climbing, music making, and diabolo.


Imperial College London, Royal College of Art - Innovation Design Engineering MA , MSc

2021 - 2023

University of Cambridge - Architecture BA hons ( ARB / RIBA part I )

2015 - 2018


Freelance - Creative Technologist

2023 - present

Freelance - Lecturer and tutor

2023 - present

John Pawson - Architect and Designer

2018 - 2021

KWY studio - Freelance architectural assistant

2019 - 2020

Ibuku - Architectural internship



Polaris Fellowship

2024 - present

Charis Awards, Architecture honourable mention


James Dyson National Award for Design Engineering


Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity


Oxford Art Society Young Artist of the year