dropp enables unattended home delivery.

In the UK, 6% of first-time deliveries fail, at an average cost of £11.60 each
On top of financial losses, these failed deliveries incur huge environmental costs. The transport sector accounting for 20.2% of the world's total CO₂ emissions.
On top of providing a secure lock for deliveries, Dropp can also monitor the temperature of your groceries to predict how long they will remain fresh. Using dropp we can move away from single-use packaging and prevent failed deliveries.
Using dropp we can both eliminate failed deliveries and improve existing delivery routes.

Dropp is a product for unattended home delivery. The first part of dropp, the dropp lock, is attached to your door or near the entrance of your home. The second part of the dropp, the dropp loop, is built into reusable packaging, and enables the packaging to lock to the dropp lock. Dropp partners with sustainable retailers to fit their reusable packaging with the dropp loop and enable their packages to be delivered without anyone home for receipt. You can monitor its delivery, security and temperature remotely, to make sure it’s safe (and if it’s groceries - fresh) until you get home.

The environmental and financial cost of failed deliveries is huge. Inefficient delivery routes to meet customer delivery slots costs further time and energy.

Design Process

The first prototype used a low fidelity locking system with a traditional insulated bag in order to communicate the idea to potential users and gain user insights. 

The second prototype includes IoT capabilities, and is used to gain further insights, and begin to imagine the function and aesthetic of the final system.

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